Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Forever Till The End!

Your heart so pure and clear,
Big like the sea,
so big to fit me.
All my senses come to rise,
when your love finally arrives.
My mind is clear,
my heart responds,
For i feel love in your every word!

I wish my one kiss would make you feel at bliss.
When i hold you, i want to you far.
Far with me to a land you please!
Let me close to you,
Let me give you happiness,
let me be your life.

When you are there, i breathe a whole new air.
when i look in to your eyes,
i see your love, so clear.

I want to love you like none other.
I want to be pure and true to you.
For you are the reason i smile.
Without you life would not have been worthwhile.

Your touch, your kiss, it makes me sing.
I know this is why i am living!
You are my angel, my only angel.

You are the true reflection of love.
You walked with me through it all.
Through the pain, through the sadness,
love kept us one.
and forever one we will be.

This is my promise to you,
That with all my heart i will love you!

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