Saturday, 14 May 2011

Writer's Block!

I do not know if a lot of writers go through this,  but for quite sometime for me at least it has been a situation that whenever I crave to write and want to from deep within, I sit down in front of a book and a pen to start writing what I want to and absolutely nothing comes out. I do not know if this happens to everybody. but it sure is happening to me.

Maybe it is because there is a lot of things running around in my mind like butterflies in my stomach on a big day. When I actually take time off from all the things that is happening around me, and sit down to write or pour my heart out on paper, that is when the talent I have been gifted with decides to take a hike or hibernate, because I just go blank.

It is probably me and my very occupied mind with everything else other  than writing that deprives me of the one pleasure that I have- Writing.

So I consulted my friends and they told me that it is natural to have a block where you just do not know what to write or what to think or even as hard it may be to believe.. what to do!

It can be because your heart or mind is filled with so many emotions that you are confused or just lost as to what to put down on paper because then it would just be a mixture of emotions and an unsuccessful article!

People do not know this, but putting words down on paper can be really hard, especially when you want to make an impact on people and make them feel what exactly you are writing about.

So if people take you for granted and push you to write articles or tell you that you have lost your talent and writing was just a phase. I am here to tell you that you should not give up because whoever writes , it is in them. They know that and they do not need people to tell them otherwise.

A good friend told me "Do not wait for inspiration to hit you, instead you will know when you have to write. Do not force yourself. When it comes. it is there for sure!"

All I have to say is do not give up. It takes time to make things perfect, but time is exactly what you need to make an impact!


  1. :) atta girl ....... the heart is a confused lil thing and it takes a lot for us to understand what is going on and we do not know hopw to express what we feel .... the talent to write is just that ... only a person who can truely speak from the heart is a true writer .. and u are a shining example ...... will be waiting for all that is to follow .. and can proudly say to people i know ... the person who wrote all this i "MY FRIEND" :)

  2. :).....yeaaaaaa!!!!!! and from not writing to writing something is what you have succeeded to do!!!!

  3. hey good point stef... hahah thank u!!!!!

  4. was i not the one who gave u the "Dnt force urself lecture :p"

  5. hahahahah shhhh.... true story though!! =)