Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Not Even For a Day!

I wait for you,
Wait for you to come along,
this lane where i sit alone.
A test of time, a test of mind,
I wont be afraid.
But please do not go far away, not even for a day!

I close my eyes and dream,
dream of what we are, so my heart knows,
To wait for you.
Your face so pure , so clear,
like a flawless picture.
The thought of you will keep me alive,
as i wait for you,
wait for you to come along.

I remember the day,
Oh! Never have i been struck,
struck by love so sweet, so sudden.
You stole my heart away.
My face turned pale, my feet refused to walk away,
and everything seemed to turn to clay.
I lost track of time.
My night turned to day.
You made everything seem so simple, so beautiful!

Now, I wander mazily across the streets,
waiting for you, hoping to see your shadow- my reflection.
For I know your shadow would never fade into the crowd.
 So, my heart left its dwelling place,
and can return no more!!
So, please do not go far away, not even for a day!

Missing You

I fall asleep every night with tears in my eyes,
every passing moment I realize I love you more.

Sometimes I mistake your truth for lies.
I have been hurt before, and your faith I must learn to trust.
I should know by now,
that you would love no one but me.

I sit alone..smiling at the memories we created,
listening to love songs from my favorite bands.
knowing that you are there waiting for me.

The summers will be long,
but the longing in my heart wot change.
and everyday i would wake up to me....
Missing You!