Thursday, 17 February 2011

Living it "the way God intended " style.

Being brought up in a christian family from birth, I knew there was someone who had total control over my life. when i was a kid, i used to ask God to tell dad or mum to buy me chocolates, when they did not buy them for me. As I grew older things what i asked for got more intense and complicated. One of which was, to grow more in His Name and to grow up the way He wants me to grow up.

And i am proud to say, i have been growing in His Name, at least trying to. there have been moments when i would blame Him for things that happened wrong in my life or for things i did not get. When i did blame Him, He would always tell me to be patient, and that He has everything planned for me. and i have not given up that faith because i know that "nothing, and when i say nothing i mean NOTHING is impossible when God has control over your life".

One lesson i have learnt is to be faithful in whatever i do, wherever i am, whoever i am with. DO NOT LOSE FAITH.

He has been my first love and will always be, my guidance, my confidant, my inspiration and mainly MY PERSON.

When times are tough, do not give up, He is there. When you feel like the world around you is turning upside down,  do not give up. When you feel left out, do not give up. If you feel everything is just not going your way, do not give up. This is why :


till later

I am..

Im Jenny. A small town girl with big dreams, happy endings, and a red carpet life. But that surely never happens. So i live life how it can be lived best (at least according to me). Born and brought up in Bahrain, which is in the Gulf. But if you still have not figured out where it is, look at the world map, I am sure you would not miss the tiny little dot next to Saudi Arabia :). From Kozhencherry, Kerala which i am sure you all would not be surprised, considering every second person you meet is a malayalee.
Crazy, fun, Jumpy, I would not hesitate to let go off a chance that makes me smile with all my heart.
I came to Bangalore, after living my entire school life in Bahrain. I did an integrated course of BBA-MBA from The Indian Institute of Planning and Management. I must say, fastest college life one could ask for, but at the same time I learnt a lot. being independent was one of them.

Love reading, has a passion for writing, loves art ( inspired by my brother), plays basketball, and football. Oh and yes, love listening to music and watching television (well who does not).

till later