Thursday, 17 February 2011

I am..

Im Jenny. A small town girl with big dreams, happy endings, and a red carpet life. But that surely never happens. So i live life how it can be lived best (at least according to me). Born and brought up in Bahrain, which is in the Gulf. But if you still have not figured out where it is, look at the world map, I am sure you would not miss the tiny little dot next to Saudi Arabia :). From Kozhencherry, Kerala which i am sure you all would not be surprised, considering every second person you meet is a malayalee.
Crazy, fun, Jumpy, I would not hesitate to let go off a chance that makes me smile with all my heart.
I came to Bangalore, after living my entire school life in Bahrain. I did an integrated course of BBA-MBA from The Indian Institute of Planning and Management. I must say, fastest college life one could ask for, but at the same time I learnt a lot. being independent was one of them.

Love reading, has a passion for writing, loves art ( inspired by my brother), plays basketball, and football. Oh and yes, love listening to music and watching television (well who does not).

till later


  1. hey jen..
    the post is sweet n sinple..
    ur life all put together in a nut shell..
    good going gal
    expecting more from u :)
    luv poo

  2. Short,sweeet and Simplee!! I love itt:):)

  3. gooooddddd job jenny ann thomas...keep up the good work and keep writing never stop cause you have alot of potential and keep this dream alive forever...awaiting to read more of your life and your experiences...

    god bless you with every adventure you step into....

    love u always my bby doll.....

    P.S-let Him be your guide through this journey

  4. :) more ... more ! you do write well :)

  5. Brava :) and i agree with Jeo and Steff too