Sunday, 29 April 2012

My Mother ,you will be.

With eyes full of compassion,
you would love me.
With a voice so soft and mild,
you would teach me.
WIth words so soothing,
you would comfort me.

You would work your fingers to the bone.
To make your house a beautiful home.
The one constant in my life.
The one who gave me the strength to stand,
you would pick me up when I fall down.
You would never poke or pry,
you would sit quietly by my side.
So much strength in you I see,
To have all the courage, to encourage me.

I'm happy you chose to be,
all this and more to me.
to sharing love that had no end.
To being more than just my mother,
to being my One True Friend!

4 years since i saw you. this is to let you know how much you mean to me.
I hope that when you look down on me, a part of you, you'll always see.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Not Even For a Day!

I wait for you,
Wait for you to come along,
this lane where i sit alone.
A test of time, a test of mind,
I wont be afraid.
But please do not go far away, not even for a day!

I close my eyes and dream,
dream of what we are, so my heart knows,
To wait for you.
Your face so pure , so clear,
like a flawless picture.
The thought of you will keep me alive,
as i wait for you,
wait for you to come along.

I remember the day,
Oh! Never have i been struck,
struck by love so sweet, so sudden.
You stole my heart away.
My face turned pale, my feet refused to walk away,
and everything seemed to turn to clay.
I lost track of time.
My night turned to day.
You made everything seem so simple, so beautiful!

Now, I wander mazily across the streets,
waiting for you, hoping to see your shadow- my reflection.
For I know your shadow would never fade into the crowd.
 So, my heart left its dwelling place,
and can return no more!!
So, please do not go far away, not even for a day!

Missing You

I fall asleep every night with tears in my eyes,
every passing moment I realize I love you more.

Sometimes I mistake your truth for lies.
I have been hurt before, and your faith I must learn to trust.
I should know by now,
that you would love no one but me.

I sit alone..smiling at the memories we created,
listening to love songs from my favorite bands.
knowing that you are there waiting for me.

The summers will be long,
but the longing in my heart wot change.
and everyday i would wake up to me....
Missing You!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Forever Till The End!

Your heart so pure and clear,
Big like the sea,
so big to fit me.
All my senses come to rise,
when your love finally arrives.
My mind is clear,
my heart responds,
For i feel love in your every word!

I wish my one kiss would make you feel at bliss.
When i hold you, i want to you far.
Far with me to a land you please!
Let me close to you,
Let me give you happiness,
let me be your life.

When you are there, i breathe a whole new air.
when i look in to your eyes,
i see your love, so clear.

I want to love you like none other.
I want to be pure and true to you.
For you are the reason i smile.
Without you life would not have been worthwhile.

Your touch, your kiss, it makes me sing.
I know this is why i am living!
You are my angel, my only angel.

You are the true reflection of love.
You walked with me through it all.
Through the pain, through the sadness,
love kept us one.
and forever one we will be.

This is my promise to you,
That with all my heart i will love you!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Writer's Block!

I do not know if a lot of writers go through this,  but for quite sometime for me at least it has been a situation that whenever I crave to write and want to from deep within, I sit down in front of a book and a pen to start writing what I want to and absolutely nothing comes out. I do not know if this happens to everybody. but it sure is happening to me.

Maybe it is because there is a lot of things running around in my mind like butterflies in my stomach on a big day. When I actually take time off from all the things that is happening around me, and sit down to write or pour my heart out on paper, that is when the talent I have been gifted with decides to take a hike or hibernate, because I just go blank.

It is probably me and my very occupied mind with everything else other  than writing that deprives me of the one pleasure that I have- Writing.

So I consulted my friends and they told me that it is natural to have a block where you just do not know what to write or what to think or even as hard it may be to believe.. what to do!

It can be because your heart or mind is filled with so many emotions that you are confused or just lost as to what to put down on paper because then it would just be a mixture of emotions and an unsuccessful article!

People do not know this, but putting words down on paper can be really hard, especially when you want to make an impact on people and make them feel what exactly you are writing about.

So if people take you for granted and push you to write articles or tell you that you have lost your talent and writing was just a phase. I am here to tell you that you should not give up because whoever writes , it is in them. They know that and they do not need people to tell them otherwise.

A good friend told me "Do not wait for inspiration to hit you, instead you will know when you have to write. Do not force yourself. When it comes. it is there for sure!"

All I have to say is do not give up. It takes time to make things perfect, but time is exactly what you need to make an impact!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Daddy I Love You.

When I was a kid, i would look up to you
I would hold your hand and follow you.
the fun we have had, the times we have shared,
you showed me how much you cared.

When I grew up, I understood more,
I realized how important you were.
You taught me patience,
you taught me kindness,
you taught me care,
and when I wanted to feel loved, you were always there!

You thought I did not hear,
 you thought I did not care,
the lessons and experiences you shared.
But, daddy, I heard everything from the start,
and kept it deep within my heart!

With your push and your praise,
a beautiful woman you have raised.
You will always be the man of my heart,
who loved me from the very start.

Every time I hear voice, I feel calm in my heart.
I feel safe knowing you are there for me.

I admire your strength,
I admire your courage.
You are my rock.
My guiding light when I am low.

Forever and ever daddy I love you.
You are my HERO!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Designing a Logo Is not Easy as You Think!

I was talking to my cousin the other day and he was frustrated at how the clients would pester him about the logo of their company each and every hour of the day. Companies or organizations need to realize that designing a logo is not done within a day. On the contrary, it takes a lot of thinking, creativity, talent, a lot of hard work, patience, and skill to pull off a successful logo or design. A logo is not done at the wink of an eye. many clients are unaware of what really goes into a successful design. 

First, the graphic artist needs to understand what exactly the company is into, why does the company require a new design, what message should be sent to the people when they see a logo and the list goes on.  

well, for those who do not know, this is the process. 

This is the phase where the graphic artist plays with his mind and creativity. He bounces back and forth with the numerous ideas in his head. First, the thoughts are in his head and then these thoughts are put across to the client. This is to develop a sort of direction. At this stage, it is usually determined if they want a illustrative logo, a simple mark. customized marking, a word mark or a mascot.  

With all the above information running in the artist's mind, he hits the sketch pad, hoping to come out with crazy designs that would stun the client and stand out in the industry. For a graphic artist, ideas tend to come at the weirdest of times or at the craziest of places (well, at least for my cousin). the artist draws with shapes, letters, anything that would work as a unique business identity. It is after this that they work on the Adobe Illustrator to perfect their "conceptual doodles". This is the part that requires a lot of time.  

This is honestly the only part a client really cares about. However hard it is for the client to hear it, so be it. Fact remains, they do not care how it is done. They just want it done . The graphic artist creates a project page (private URL) for the client where they can monitor the progress and status of the project. All concepts are presented here along with all revisions and modifications. this is where knowledge and creativity of the design comes to life and yields benefits. This is where they get the clients feedback. Probably the second most important part of the entire design process. 

This is where the clients give their opinions on what changes are to be made , if necessary. The changes are then made to the design to satisfy the client. 

Once the logo is chosen, this is where the payments are made. Once the deliverables are in the clients hand, the artist also walks the client through the printing process, plus informs them of the several different file formats and where and how they should be used.  

Well, there you go. Now one can understand how hard it is to design a logo. 

For my cousin, animation and art are a part of his blood. It is what he lives for ( well first is obviously GOD). It is his life and doing this is what gives him immense pleasure and satisfaction(for him I guess its his adrenaline rush). When he is at it, the whole world around goes mute. He is in his own zone. I am so proud of you,Jeo and how much effort you put through for every piece of work that you have done. I hope whoever hires you to do their logo just believes you and gives you your space to be you and doodle off to glory!! 

Everyone one can check his stuff out on :