Thursday, 12 May 2011

Daddy I Love You.

When I was a kid, i would look up to you
I would hold your hand and follow you.
the fun we have had, the times we have shared,
you showed me how much you cared.

When I grew up, I understood more,
I realized how important you were.
You taught me patience,
you taught me kindness,
you taught me care,
and when I wanted to feel loved, you were always there!

You thought I did not hear,
 you thought I did not care,
the lessons and experiences you shared.
But, daddy, I heard everything from the start,
and kept it deep within my heart!

With your push and your praise,
a beautiful woman you have raised.
You will always be the man of my heart,
who loved me from the very start.

Every time I hear voice, I feel calm in my heart.
I feel safe knowing you are there for me.

I admire your strength,
I admire your courage.
You are my rock.
My guiding light when I am low.

Forever and ever daddy I love you.
You are my HERO!

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