Friday, 1 April 2011

To My Best Friend

So this took a really long time to write. but though it is still a little rusty.  It is for you. I also know that these words are not enough. But it is a start !

A friend is a person,
I laugh and cry with,
my inspiration, my true person.
a helping hand you will always give,
a ear to hear, and a hug so dear.

You know my secrets, you know my fears,
you tell me what is right from wrong.
You hold me so close to you,
that i feel alone when i am apart.
You never stopped having faith in me,
even if you stopped believing in yourself.
you have never let me down.
you gave me a shoulder to cry on, a hand to wipe my tears,
and a smile to wash away my fears.

A friendship, a pact that we treasure,
a gift so rare , and so precious.
I would cling on to in till my last breath.

Through laughs and fights,
through tears and joy,
through love and hate,
through all this, I knew we would be just fine,
because in my heart I knew you were mine!

This friendship will not end.
Through it all we will stand.
Through all the rights and all the wrongs,
by your side is where I stand.
I am here to be your best friend
Cause i love you, and i know you do too.

For looking past my ego, and my flaws.
For being with me from start to end.
For all the times we have spent.

I LOVE YOU FOR BEING MY BEST FRIEND! (shouting it out =D )


  1. always and forever....will always be ur best friend thru the good and the bad....thru the best and the worst....i will love u happy to be ur bestest friend n the whole wide world...i love uuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!