Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Caffeinated.Cuttinks = Awesome!!!

Caffeinated.Cuttinks are stories thats Jeffy Mathew Thomas brings to you through ink. Crazy, amazing art that he does has shown and proven him to be a very, and I must say VERY talented person.

How do I know Jeffy Mathew Thomas?
Well, to start off, he is my brother. I know, for a fact, that he has put in his hard work, love, passion, time and thought to what he draws. Each piece of his tells a different story. I am a proud owner of one of his pieces, and looking at it now, makes me realize how gifted he is.

The first time my brother showed me one of his pieces, I was stunned. There was so much detail and effort put into his work. For a minute, did not even believe it was his.

The thought process that goes behind each of his pieces, I must say is unbelievable. A gift that he was blessed with - ART!

If you do not believe what I am saying, you can check it out for yourselves.
Go on to facebook, which I am sure everyone has an account in. type caffeinated ink (community) where the pictures of his pieces have been put up. It is PURE AWESOMENESS!
Here is a link to the page on facebook.

I am proud to be his sister. I hope he gets everything he has ever dreamt of. i wish him all the success.

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  1. Aww! Thanks Jenny. I love you little sister. Thank you for showcasing me on your blog. Hope you and your blog readers enjoy my work and can enjoy it as I continue to tell my stories and grow.