Wednesday, 2 March 2011


My love , my guide,
my nurturer, my inspiration.
You made me so beautiful,
to be the who i am today.
You held me with love and kindness,
you touched me with love.
you taught me to live, to love.

I dream of you, singing with those lovely lips, those beautiful melodies. Memories that would be cherished for all eternity

when I think of you, i feel happy proud to have had an amazing MOTHER who has been by my side through every step of my life.Though you are not here in flesh today, you are there in my heart, right there where you belong.
I still hear you talking to me, guiding me, inspiring me, telling me what to do.
You have touched every person's heart who you have known. Not a day have i seen hatred in your eyes.

I still remember those days when i used to run to your bed and crawl up next to you and sleep because i was scared. You would tuck me in with you and hold me tight till morning, protecting me.

You showed me love i have never seen before. You taught me that nothing was impossible and that whatever comes your way must be seen as a challenge.
One of the bravest person's i have come across. even through your sickness in health, you smiled like you had no worry in the world. You smiled like everything was ok, you would laugh a thousand genuine laughs.


if anyone asked me who my role model was. I would not hesitate to say - MY MOTHER. If i had a chance to ever be like someone, i would choose undoubtedly to be like YOU.

I Love you MOM <3
you will be in my heart forever.


  1. i love you....and will always be there for your side through thick or thin!!!!! your the best!!!

  2. love yu doll!! so earnest..... :)

  3. Thoughts got great words.. Best statement.."i would choose undoubtedly to be like YOU" superbly written...

  4. sincere and simply beautiful the love dat u have translated thru this poem
    ..jenny baby will always be there for u..

  5. Spectacular work love!!! Good job!!!!! And the best part its straight from the heart!!!!